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Hyperion by Dan Simmons

April 18, 2008

First; a word of warning. Hyperion may be a complete book, but it is not a complete story. This is also true of Ilium and, I presume, of Endymion. However I found Ilium to be a good read in and of itself, and this is not the case with Hyperion. The story is just getting going when the book ends.

Inspite of all that I enjoyed the book overall. Seven people who have never met before are sent on a pilgrimage to the Tme Tombs. These tombs are guarded by a fearsome creature, the Shrike, which tends to kill anyone going near the tombs. One by one, each character tells the tale of why they have entered the pilgrimage as they journey towards the tombs. Each tale pulls you further into the story until you don’t want it to end until these characters find resolution. Then the book ends.

Yes, I liked it. That’s what I can tell you about the book. About the story? Who knows, but it’s going well so far.

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