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Looking for Stories in All the Right Places? Music Videos

April 21, 2008

At I Can’t Stop Reading you’ll mostly find book reviews, as I read them. From time to time I’ll post other stuff. Like this.

Stories aren’t found only in books, so looking for them only in books will limit your experience. Music videos aren’t normally associated with a storytelling medium, but you can do a lot with 4-odd minutes of video, and many people do.

Plenty of music videos are artistically interesting, or full of ‘wierd stuff’ or both, but don’t contain anything you would call a story. Luckily there are stories out there.

Knights of Cydonia by Muse. You’ve probably seen this one. Here’s the link anyway, to YouTube. What’s been done here is that an entire fictional ‘film’ has been created, a great little post-apocalyptic cowboy sci-fi to accompany the overblown track. Excellent match up.

Dashboard by Modest Mouse. A song about a Dashboard melting translated
naturally into nautical tall tales, right? Yes, right, at least in this
video interpretation. A tall story about the telling of tall stories.

So – watched any good stories lately?

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