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I’m In It for the Stories

April 26, 2008

You may wonder why it’s mainly book reviews that are featured on this site. There are other things to read besides books after all. Me, I’m in it for the stories. It’s stories that I love, and that’s what I am mostly drawn to. Do I read magazines? Sure.

The Economist
Probably the best magazine out there right now. Eminently readable articles, and the only didactic element being a push for greater economic freedoms, and freedom in general. An intelligent self-aware magazine with a broad reach and great expertise.

New Scientist
Concentrates on science, but humanises the subject. Science, after all, is humanity’s creation, reflecting our quest for knowledge and understanding. You can count on New Scientist to keep you up to date on the breadth of scientific knowledge. Regular interviews and book reviews
will reveal areas you may wish to explore more deeply.

That’s it for magazines. I could talk about Retro Gamer, but that’s strictly for people who, like me, grew up in Britain in the 80s with a love of 8-bit computers. I love it, but it’s perhaps too specialised to mention here. I only mention it to explain why I couldn’t possibly mention it.

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