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May 14, 2008

Part of reading books is waiting for new books to read. It always takes the avid reader far less time to read a book than the writer takes to write it. Sometimes years can elapse between one bookhit and the next. The only good side of that is that it does encourage the reader to try other books, and so extend their reading circle.

Here’s my current ‘eagerly awaiting’ list, in no particular order:

Victory of Eagles by Naomi Novik. The Temeraire series was my big new discovery last year, and a great series it is too. Like Hornblower, but with added dragons. Brilliant. It would make a great TV series too, like Hornblower.

The Temporal Void by Peter F Hamilton. I’m a big fan of SF out of the UK right now (maybe there’s a t-shirt in that) and this book tops my list. After the Dreaming Void, I’m keen for more.

A Dance with Dragons by George RR Martin. This book almost shouldn’t be on the list. In a moribund fantasy section, Martin’s books are some of the few worth taking the time to read. However the slow pace of recent book releases has my patience worn thin. I’m not angry, just tired of waiting. My eyes are turning elsewhere.

I’m also waiting for Lords of the Bow, Halting State, and Making Money to hit paperback, but I won’t count those. You’ll see my review of each not long after they come out.

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