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The Warsun Prophecies by Jerry Holkins and Mike Krahulik

June 9, 2008

The grand-sounding title belies a more workaday content – one year’s supply of Penny Arcade comics, with commentary from Tycho, the writer.

The year in question is 2002, and its interesting to see how great gaming dilemmas of the day fade into nothing much with the addition of a few short years. Microsoft’ X-Box and its controller come in for repeated criticism – does anyone even use that console now? Certainly the company itself has long-since consigned it to the great shelf in the sky.

The real joy of reading these through is with Tycho’s commentary. It’s interesting though, The comics collected were originally published in 2002. The commentary dates from 2006, and is already, as it were, dated. So we have a book with ephemeral cartoons from the last, accompanied by ephemeral commentary from the slightly more recent past. I like it.

Penny Arcade is a website dedicated to computer games. Everything that comes from the site has grown from the simple premise of two guys talking about computer games. The Warsun Prophecies is the third of four so-far published collections. The fifth is due this very month.

This is not a book solely for the converted. If you’ve never read the website before, you could still pick this up and enjoy it. I think. I’m pretty sure. try it, and tell me how it goes.

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