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Aliens, Evolution, and Stories

June 11, 2008

Another week, another must-see link to Ted.

In this talk, Susan Blackmore, talk about memes, the spreading of ideas. Like genes, memes spread through us, through our contact with others. Ideas are spread through language (which itself evolves in response to memes) and of course, through stories.


Susan also touches on the newer concept of ‘temes’ which is self-replicating technolgies, made possible through computers and the internet. Technology that replciates and spreads itself throuyh us. We have no more choice in this than we do through the transmission of genes, language and ideas.

Susan briefly touches on the subject of extra-terrestrials. Any such species, having come through an evolutionary process, will see us as somewhere to spread their genes, memes and temes. And vice versa.

I think that should aliens arrive in their silver-shipped glory, they will not come to conquer or steal our water. They will come to tell us their stories, and to hear ours in return. It’s a shame space is so big, really.

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