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Some Stories Are Unpleasant

June 13, 2008

Here’s one from The Guardian about Komodo Dragons.

Komodo Dragons, if you didnt know, are the world’s largest lizards. By rights they should have become extinct years ago with the rest of their kind, but they cling on, having found their niche on one island in Indonesia.

Given their uniqueness, it’s hardly surprising that the Komodo Dragons are a tourist attraction. But beware. These lizards are big, and deaths happen.

John Vidal at The Guardian supplies his own stomach-churning anecdote. It concerns three Komodo Dragons and a buffalo.

“I met three particularly nasty ones last year. We had walked past a few harmless-looking dragons sunning themselves in the bush … and were not beyond thinking we could be friends when we reached a water hole. A large buffalo was lying on its side, clearly having been brought down by two 6ft dragons and one that was even larger. The three reptiles were crawling over it, and during the next 24 hours they proceeded to eat it alive.”

Over the next 24 hours, Vidal revisted that spot several times, unable to stay away.

“Every so often the buffalo shuddered and tried to rise. Was it really still alive? We watched from a few feet away, our guide armed only with a stick, transfixed and disgusted like us. Our stomachs heaved. The buffalo continued to twitch.”

Check out the whole grisly story here, if you wish.

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