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The Mystery Box

June 18, 2008

I haven’t spoken much about television here so far. At all, really. Music videos sure. But not the TV.

Television has a bad reputation, but it’s not a lost medium, just a terribly misused one. TV has a lot of untapped potential, but a few series and shows are able to tap into the potential for using television to tell incredible stories.

The Documentary which has taken over the movie theatres in recent years has its home on television, And what is a documentary other than the telling of a true story?

Fiction shows also have their home here. I must now declare myself a fan of Buffy. So it goes.

This TED link is JJ Abrams, creator of Lost and Cloverfield, talking about what he does. This was posted five months ago, but better late than never right? Enjoy.

Oh, and the title isn’t allegorical. He really has a box.

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