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I Am Legend by Richard Matheson

July 22, 2008

The straightforward way to discuss this book is to call it a vampire novel and move on from there. That’s one conversation.

Richard Neville is seemingly the last man. Everyone else has become a vampire. By day he walks the empty streets, by night he cowers as the vampires surround his house.

What struck me most about I Am Legend was how it comprised a study in hopelessness and despair. The internal thoughts and deteriorating mental condition of the protagonist comprise the majority of this book.

Neville’s study of vampires provides him with some relief through engaging his mind, the monotony rather than the danger being his greatest enemy. It is not bloodthirsty monsters but tedium that drag at him day after empty day. The incident with the dog is just incredible.

I Am Legend is highly recommended. If you see the word ‘vampire’ on the cover, don’t be mistaken. This is closer to Kurt Vonnegut’s Cat’s Cradle than to Bram Stoker, or Joss Whedon for that matter.

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