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Reading Communities

August 18, 2008

Many of you may have been in reading groups, book clubs and the like. A group of people come together, read a book, and then talk about it.

Something I haven’t found yet (but maybe it’s out there) is a community site where people talk about the books they love, to people who have never read those books.

Sites, like book clubs tend to focus on drawing like-minded readers together, often based around genre. So there will be a sf reader site, where people who care about such things can argue the pros and cons of ‘hard sf’ versus ‘space opera’ to their hearts’ content.

I would like a site that encourages me to seek out interesting things I’ve never heard of, with a structure that serves them up to me, since all that mouse clicking can be exhausting. A reading community, of people drawn by a love of reading, a love of stories, and a willingness to share and discover.

It’s Monday, and I’m dreaming. Realistically, if I want such a site, I should build it. Hmm.

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