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Spirit Gate by Kate Elliott

September 3, 2008

I picked up this book after Taryn said she liked it – that was good enough for me.

Spirit Gate is a fantasy book set in the land of The Hundred, a European-esque land of isolated cities. The cities are presided over by the Reeves, who keep to their own castles beyond the cities and ride giant eagles around the countryside. The Reeves are responsible for meting out justice. When a crime is reported a Reeve flies out, takes statements from people and makes a decision.

This works as well as you think.

When shadowy or simply greedy forces bend the law to suit their own ends, the Reeves are powerless to act. They must be, since they do not. Eventually the Reeves themselves are discredited or ignored, or else allied with the armed groups wandering the land, killing at will.

I’m not sure what this series is about, even after 600 pages. There are the vanished Guardians who may be about to return, or something. Who knows? It’s interesting enough, and fantasy tragics will find pages worth turning before the next Raymond Feist book.

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